Alan Belcher Skype'd

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Alan Belcher Skype'd

by Mark Bader on August 9, 2010

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Alan Belcher was kind enough to talk to Mark from Purefight via Skype while at his home Monday afternoon. Alan talks about his detached retina and the surgery he had to fix that. He does not yet know what will be the final outcome of the situation, but he will not regain 100% vision in his right eye and worst case scenario it will not get any better which would mean he would not fight anymore. He has a good attitude toward it and is currently spending time with his family and his gym, Remix MMA.

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Comments9 comments

Driver 6 years ago

Best of luck to Alan, he will be back and will wear the belt eventually

Steve 6 years ago

It is still your time A.B.the ufc is going to have Anderson and Chael fighting again which won't be for atleast 6 months. And you will be back by that time to prove it is your time for your shot. Keep your head up Kid.

Reyna Feltcher 6 years ago

I like his attitude and feel like we are gonna see him back in the octagon in 2011. I sure as hell hope so because this guy is one entertaining fighter and he seems like a pretty cool guys too.

War Belcher! 6 years ago

OMG that would be awful is Alan couldn't fight anymore, he was becoming one of my favorite fighters and his ddt of Patrick Cote was straight up awesome!

Davis 6 years ago

Best wishes Alan

Jim 6 years ago

Hey Alan hope you heal fast.

Tino 6 years ago

That's crazy when he shows us his eye then describes exactly what they did in the surgery

Boss 6 years ago

Alan Belcher is the man, awesome guy and great fighter. He will overcome this and come back to become the champion you just wait and see.

Damn 6 years ago

wow that really sucks belcher was seriously on a roll and was going places. he definitely seems to have a good attitude about it though and hopefully we will see him back and better than ever in the future.