Cory Simpson vs Dakota Cochrane

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Cory Simpson vs Dakota Cochrane

by Mark Bader on May 16, 2010

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Cory Simpson vs Dakota Cochrane

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Comments10 comments

frixon 4 years ago

Oh....Danny !!!!

Berry 6 years ago

wow, wtf was she looking at?? this is exactly why we can't have women refs, i mean really what was going on why the hell did she stop this fight, he wasn't out, he didn't tap and was actually intelligently defending himself. it is a real shame that this guy got screwed like that. it looked like he was losing the fight anyway, but thats the great part about mma, its never over until its over.... unless this stupid girl is the ref.

igfulix 6 years ago

stupid ref

Underground 6 years ago


mrpotatoehead 6 years ago

Boring wrestler , dominated position on the ground but did nothing with it. Def did not want to stand with Simpson... no tap he was fighting the choke and did not go out.. ref is horrible.

andymac 6 years ago

Complete domination again! Way to go Dakota, keep pickin' off one by one.

Lippy 6 years ago

Cochrane is half horse, the man is going to pick em one guy at a time and nobody is ready for him yet....thats right buddy your boy lippy from fairbury is right with you all the way!!!!

that guy 6 years ago

yea i sure didnt see a tap, not quite sure why the fight was stopped.

Dirty 6 years ago

Cochrane is a beast! Simpson def didn't tap though.

Cheri Sechtem 6 years ago

Way to go - from your home town fans in Kearney! Looking great! Momma and Aza cheering loud!

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