Phil needs a nickname

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Phil needs a nickname

by Mark Bader on January 22, 2010

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Phil Davis is making his UFC debut on February 6 and even though he likes his current nickname some people don't. He went around at the mall down in Chula Vista, CA, where he lives and trains, and asked the people what they thought would be a good nickname for him.

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Comments73 comments

Jimbo Flo 5 years ago

Phil "Slam Man" Davis

Jimbo Flo 5 years ago

Phil "Flash" Davis

Jimbo Flo 5 years ago

Phil "the Damager" Davis.

Jimbo Flo 5 years ago

Fill "The Dagger" Davis.

wrestler8 6 years ago

funky phil davis

hair dudes 7 years ago

the funniest one was bust a nut davis

Yo 7 years ago

Californians are so strange. I like that group of kids who all had the same dumb haircut playin their extreme sports and .

puffyjacket45 7 years ago

he sounds almost like tony gwynn... super white lol

7 years ago

Some of those girls looked young - Might end up being called Ped - A - Phil

7 years ago

Phil "The Wonder" Davis

captain morgan 7 years ago

Phil "the reacharound king" davis

7 years ago

phil "master splinter " davis

7 years ago

phil the thrill

hammer22 7 years ago

phil the diamond davis ...thats the one i called it

hammer22 7 years ago

hahaha PHILBERT ...what is wrong with ppl...i guess happy hour does it to ya

hammer 22 7 years ago

hahahahaha Stallion!!

dman 7 years ago

Phil "dawg" Davis

vawrestler 7 years ago

Phil Davis, PhD

7 years ago

phil "pain" davis

bumb 7 years ago

phil "brown dude" davis

PSU Proud 7 years ago


psu 7 years ago

phil u kno there is only one guy that can give u the nickname u want... AJC

7 years ago

hes the man

Whoa 7 years ago

Phil "Slap your mama" Davis
Phil "Me up with regular" Davis

Funny 7 years ago

Phil "I rent cars from Avis" Davis

hmm 7 years ago

Phil the pain Davis

Johann Gerlach 7 years ago

Mr Wonderful is actually sweet as a nickname...picture Bruce Buffer...Phil..MIIIIIISSSTTTEEEERRR WWOOOOOONNNNNDDEERRFFFUUULLLLL DAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVIIIIISSSSSSS" Or just cal him "the Doctor." No cameras in Borders? What...they have some private selection of books we don't know about yet?

Patrick Finn 7 years ago

'Phil Phuck U Up Davis"

KRUSH 7 years ago

Phil "Super Duck" Davis


here it is 7 years ago

phil "anvil" davis
Phil "the pain pill" davis
Phil "killer" davis
phil "dangerous" davis
"ill" phil davis