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Jorge Masvidal thought he won

by Mark Bader on September 12, 2010

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Jorge Masvidal feels like he won the fight over Paul Daley, he thought he won the first and last rounds. He will be going back down to fight at 155 which was the plan the whole time. He says he has only 2 legitimate losses on his record.

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Comments11 comments

Anonymous Coward 5 years ago

jorge soy yo el ijo de reide molina el que trabaja asiindo tatoo con oscar

zed 6 years ago

i love everything about this video, jorge masvidal is the man and i really like the dude, and he's got personality

get real 6 years ago

masvidal is crazy if he thinks he won that fight

boss 6 years ago

I'm becoming a bug fan if Jorge he is exciting

jojo 6 years ago

Masvidal is a CHAMPION!!!! He isn't lying he has had some bad decisions and stoppages go his way.

To be fair 6 years ago

well in his defense he was fighitng up a weight

Start finishing fights 6 years ago

Maybe Masvidal could start finishing fights so that we'll not hear his lame excuses again.

Samson 6 years ago

Great interview, Masvidal is becoming one of my favorite fighters and I would love to see him fight Nick Diaz.

Hammer 6 years ago

This guy is awesome, I love this interview and hope the best for him in Strikeforce.

Mark Bader 6 years ago

I can't wait to see him fight in Strikeforce

Ballsout 6 years ago

Bottom line, this guy is pure awesome!

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