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Dominick Cruz part 2: Training

by Mark Bader on August 16, 2010

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Dominick Cruz goes through a striking workout at Alliance Training Center with his coach Eric Del Fierro in preparation for his August 18 title defense at WEC 50 against Joseph Benavidez.

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Comments12 comments

JC 5 years ago

What is he drinking?

leekai 5 years ago

looks like a mini frank shamrock

rvd 6 years ago

pretty awesome guy!very cool in person!! by the way whats the name of the song? to wich hes shadow boxing?

Urijah 6 years ago

The hell with Dominick Cruz

Been Askin 6 years ago

cruz all the way

wow 6 years ago

holy shit that guy is fast!

Tiny Dancer 6 years ago

Seriously I bet that guy can cut a rug... he is gonna beat up Benavidez and then steal his girlfriend afterward with some smooth dance moves

Dance Moves 6 years ago

Cruz got som dance moves!

Randy 6 years ago

This dude is legit for sure.

Fast 6 years ago

Damn that boy can move!

Harrison 6 years ago

I don't see any way that Joe Benavidez is going to be able to keep up with this dude, look at the way he is training and how freaking fast he is. Dominick Cruz will hold on to this title for quite some time.

J Forbes 6 years ago

Great vid, hope he keeps his title. Az baby!

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