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Frankie Edgar muay thai workout

by Mark Bader on August 24, 2010

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UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar goes through a muay thai workout with trainer Phil Nurse in New York City. This is just a workout to get his body back used to the things is going to need to be doing for training. He is preparing for his title defense against BJ Pennat UFC 118 on August 28 in Boston, MA.

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Comments6 comments

GS 6 years ago

this right here is why frankie won, phil nurse is a masterful gameplanner

Cleveland 6 years ago

Do it again Edgar!

Hilo 6 years ago

Sorry but BJ is gonna finish him this time.

Toms River 6 years ago

great video and awesome series with the UFC champ! Frankie is gonna do it again, WAR Edgar!!!!!

Torchy 6 years ago

sweet workout, frankie is going to win again but this time there will be no doubt.

TR 6 years ago

Frankie is going to win again, sorry BJ your time has come and gone.

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