Dale Apollo Cook once again hosts the Xtreme FIghting League at the Spirit Bank Event Center in Tulsa, OK. Purefight will be there streaming LIVE for free in the first installment of the Purefight LIVE Summer Series.

June 25, 2010

Spirit Bank Event Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

created by: Mark Bader

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jrouse 6 years ago

lol da troof??? seems you dont know much mr cook has a ton of great fighters an puts on the best shows so keep sippin on your haterade pall

da troof 6 years ago

keep milking suburban soccer moms thinking their child will lern to bully proof themselves does your ex get all the profits since you signed your gym over to her after your troubles with the IRS is that why you scammed 5150..co promotion so u need to pay ur fighters scumbag

Da Troof 6 years ago

Thats why you haven't produced a decent fighter in years huh?

DAC 6 years ago

I guess when it's your fights you can do whatever you want huh

Boss 6 years ago

wow the coverage on this fight was really impressive, all the fights streamed and now all on the site already. thank you purefight i will be here for the north carolina show on july 16!

Da Troof 6 years ago

Jesus H, Dale matched up his guys with a bunch of scrubs.

coach 6 years ago

the stream was awesome!!!!

Go Trey 6 years ago

Brian Houston all day baby!

Tul$a 6 years ago

yea but you have to wear your nicest wife beater to this affair

D-snyder 6 years ago

so since ur streaming from tulsa does that mean ur gonna wear a wife beater?

Tul$a 6 years ago

if this is in Tulsa you I gotta think we will see OMA there

Or will we?

or will I

Crispp 6 years ago

Are you serious, Lindsey is gonna get beat like he did in the last XFL against Jake Rosholt. War Houston!!!

Peter Herb 6 years ago

Rudy Lindsey is gonna crush Trey Houston!

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