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Ben Askren vs Ryan Thomas

by Mark Bader on April 17, 2010

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Ben Askren vs Ryan Thomas

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Comments53 comments

jediwrstr 6 years ago

God this fight HAD TO BE FIXED. Only problem, I don think they told Thomas. MMA is quickly becoming boxing of the 80's and 90's.....all we need now is Don King

r u joking 6 years ago

who is this guy who thinks askren could beat silva? are you on drugs? he didn't even win this fight decisively if at all. get a clue. the only one who should be apologizing is your parents for bringing stupidity into this world in the form of you.

fj1200 6 years ago

Ben's stand up is very weak. He knows it too. Which in itself is a handicap. Did you see how he had a little mini convulsion when he got popped in the face, then rushed for the takedown? Bad sign, he has to at least get the stand up to a point that opponents will respect him on his feet. They all see this and will remember it if they meet him. I'm not so sure now that he will even win THIS tournament.

456 6 years ago


456 6 years ago


coach 6 years ago


hellboy 6 years ago

silva and st. pierre would murder ben right now. ben is a great wrestler but thats only one aspect of the game. let ben develop and he could scare a lot of people. right now though ben is not even close to being a contender and cant compete with those guys, he may someday though..

ab 6 years ago

He needs jiu jitsu work too. He was lucky to get out of that triangle, any jiu jitsu black belt would have submitted him. But He won and that's all that counts. Good wrestlers can go a long way in MMA, but not all the way without some kickboxing/tai boxing and bjj. Look what happened to Kolat.

tom sc 6 years ago

Ben you made me nervous when he figure 4rd your head. very cool how you trapped his head . Hook inside leg wow. I guess that was a MMA move. Ive got a lot to learn but Ive started watching since you started fighting this style
congrads to you and Amy

UFC Guy 6 years ago

OK fine, you guys convinced me that Askren may not beat Anderson Silva (yet) but he would DESTROY George St Pierre bc Pierre would NEVER take Ben down in a million years and Ben would use his unorthodox wrestling style to thwart St Pierre's takedown attempts. Now all of you folks have to admit for crying out if you have watched St Pierre lately, he relies on takedowns then lays on his opponent exchanging pleasantries for 5 rounds, what a joker he has become! Ben would stop every takedown and reverse some of thoe attacks in Ben's favor then ground and St Pierre to death. All of you Askren haters out there will apologize to me someday, I promise you that!!!

zorba 6 years ago

Ben's showing a lot of promise, but wonder if hes getting to much praise to soon? Someone with a better triangle couldve put a hurting on him and someone who was a better wrestler and had better hips would never have been swept over when Askren was on his back. I was rooting for Ben the whole time but was also very nervous during the whole match. What I see happening soon is someone with a more rounded fight game and good hips goin up against Ben with a solid gameplan and giving him fits. We see it all the time. Im sure we'll see Ben improving his game, but lets not get the cart in front of the horse.

Outcast 6 years ago

I would have to say the call was ed and askren finally started showing he has been working on strikes all in all I loved this it showed skill levels from both sides. Havin the same style as askren i would love to grapple with him. Yes guys Ive heard the hype that he has his own style sorry Im 33 and been controlling guys the very same way for years. And i can tell you that Ive shut down almost all the wrestlers and ju-jitsu guys faithfully for years thats why Id love to roll with another python like askren. All in all bad call ref but great job guys!

arm-spin 6 years ago

I think it's funny that everytime Askren fights, he wins really quickly and then everyone posts about how much he sucks.

Reid Worley 6 years ago

That was one crappy call. I'm 1000% sure that Ben would have sub'd him later anyway though. I was hoping to see more of a fight than that, but it is what it is. Thomas doesn't have the striking to beat Askren without getting taken down and his ground game is FARRRRRR inferior to BA.

mma fan 6 years ago

Mel, there's no way Thomas was getting out. Now the question is this: should the ref have let Thomas fade out completely or stop it just before that? Tough call. The ref did poke Thomas and he didn't respond. Maybe the call was a bit too quick, but Thomas was definitely done.

Mel 6 years ago

Uncomfortable? Was he making progress getting out of the hold or would Askren have improved it? I don't know mma well so which was more likely?

Simple Man 6 years ago

That was a terrible call.
I'm sure Askren didn't celebrate that win.
The fight should not have been stopped.
The guy was uncomfortable, no doubt, but not in any trouble or anywhere near being choked.

6 years ago

yea hype up all of these bull fights. dont get me wrong i like askern, im a huge wrestling fan, and mma. Still these fights are no where near the comp that strikeforce or ufc have. best of luck to askern tho

noxx 6 years ago

UFC Guy is in, "the wonderland".
Good outcome for Ben on a bad call by the Ref.
Let the choke go all the way to the rag doll.

Takedown King 6 years ago

The second askren got tagged he shot a double... Not a good sign.

Needs to start faster, not reach so much, and improve his striking to a point where he doesn't immediately panic and shoot.

Askren dominated 6 years ago

thomas the whole fight anyway, even if it was a bad call.

primetime21 6 years ago

LOL! Askren is a GREAT wrestler but very ameaturish at MMA at this point. No doubt with the right training he can and probably will be a beast. He is lucky he didn't lose this match as he was nearly caught in a triangle choke twice and an armbar once, not to mention he exposed his back pretty bad on one occasion.... I would say he was behind in this round before the fight was stopped prematurely and would almost say it was rigged! Against a decent MMA fighter he will get owned.

UFC Guy, I seriously hope you are joking??? First off as others have pointed out Ben is giving up weight, height and reach. A better comparison would be him and St Pierre(who would destroy him also) Now, you say Silva would get taken down and Askren would pound him.... um how many punches did Askren throw and land in this fight? Silva is a Black Belt in BBJ and probably the best or one of the best pure strikers in the history of MMA. He has been in the ring with the best of the best and hasn't had a legitimate loss since 2004(was DQ in 2006 for an illegal move) Askren wouldn't make it out of the first round either getting knocked out or submitted by a basic choke which should have happend in this fight.... sorry your delusional. Also, since Askren is probably going to try and qualify for the olympics I am guessing MMA is not his full time thing thus making your argument even more stupid.

6 years ago

Anderson Silva would superman punch him all day plus his foot. Idk if he can even beat st pierre he is so hard to take down

Anthony Carter 6 years ago

yo cant really say he sucks at fighting, He just need more time in the octagon.

6 years ago

UFC guy your a idiot, theres not way askren could beat silv, nobody in the world can. he is just to good. and plus askren sucks at fighting he needs to stick to wrestling.

Cheesehead 6 years ago

He's a WI boy baby!

wrestle fan 6 years ago

The official poked Thomas and said something...Thomas didn't move or respond in anyway. Match over!

motor 6 years ago

Yeah, even though the call might have been a bit hasty, Thomas wasn't going anywhere, and he was surely on his way to being knocked out. In the video you can see that the ref was looking at Thomas's eyes. Apparently Thomas had closed his eyes. And we can see he stopped moving. That means he was well on his way to never-never land -- though maybe not quite there yet.

Anthony Carter 6 years ago

I would like to ad my input on Ben and silva. Ben is still just a newbie in this world of MMA fighting, at this stage I couldnt see ben fighting silva because silva has alot alot of fights under him. Once Ben starts getting some fight under him he would be more subjectable to this subject, but for now lets just see who's ass's hes whooping. Haha

Slug 6 years ago

It does't look so controversial to me. I've been caught by the same before fooling around one day after wrestling practice, and I can assure you there is no way out. Askren would have just cranked harder and harder and eventually Thomas would have been out. When you don't move (Thomas wasn't moving), the ref has no choice. And Thomas, a UFC vet, should have known that! Anytime you just freakin' stop when locked in a move like that the game is over. Period. Anyway, Askren was in complete control until that point. Oh, and the Silva vs Askren comparison is ridiculous. Different weights and different levels of experience. Askren will for sure be at Silva's level in the near future, but he sure ain't there yet. Askren is, of course, awesome!

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