PurePads is a series of videos where world class fighters invite Purefight into their homes to give us an inside look at where they live.  This gives viewers a closer look at who these guys are and what their personalities are like.  Purefight goes into their homes and meets these fighters on an in depth and personal level.

March 31, 2010


created by: Mark Bader

Top Videos
  • PurePads- Ryan Bader

    Ryan Bader shows Purefight around his home in Phoenix, AZ where he lives with his girlfriend Daisy a...

  • Dominic Cruz- Cribs

    WEC #1 bantamweight contender Dominick Cruz shows us around his home in this PureCribs piece. It is ...

  • PurePads with Mike Brown

    Former WEC bantamweight champion Mike Brown welcomes Mark and Purefight into his house for another e...

  • PurePads- CB Dollaway

    UFC fighter CB Dollaway let Purefight into his home to show us around his pad.

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USA 141lbs 5 years ago

you guys need to put more purepads up you have not updated these videos in like 2 years or more...get more...please....

Domminator 6 years ago

I agree

Chris 6 years ago

Great idea!

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