The North American Grappling Associationg (NAGA) is hosting one of their grappling and jiu jistu tournaments in Dallas, TX on Saturday August 15.  Purefight is going to be there with multiple people recording fights and doing interviews.  We are going to put up as many videos as we can and we encourage  you to upload your own videos from the day to this coverage page.

August 15, 2009

Dallas Convention Center

Dallas, Texas

created by: Mark Bader

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I Heart Purefight 7 years ago

This site is the best. Thanks for all of your work Mark.

Nancy Sutterfield 7 years ago

Awsome job to Justin with his team, Bushido!

Kizzie 7 years ago

Just wanted to say good job to all the hard working kids, trainers and parents. Good job to Cobra BJJ!!

7 years ago

wanted to see if you had Ricardo Soto?


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