The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) is America's largest mixed grappling association and puts on mixed grappling tournaments all over the country through out the entire year. NAGA coming to Las Vegas, NV this weekend where they will be hosting the tournament where they are giving out 300 belts to winners of each of their divisions both gi and no gi. There will also be 100 Samurai swords given out to winners of divisions.

March 10, 2009

The Sport Center

Las Vegas, Nevada, Canada

created by: Mark Bader

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  • Naga Vegas intro

    I am packing my bags and getting out of the surprisingly cold wet confines of Austin, TX and heading...

  • Joe Cuff

    Joe is one of the guys behind the NAGA events and has been doing it for almost 15 years along with K...

  • David Heredia vs Brian Johnson

    David Heredia vs Brian Johnson

  • Stephen Martinez vs Lucas Leite

    Stephen Martinez vs Lucas Leite

  • Dale Hart

    As soon as Dale saw UFC 1 in 1993 he was hooked and knew it was something he wanted to do. He got in...

  • Danielle Cowan

    Danielle Cowan won at NAGA and tells us she likes jiu jitsu because she likes to beat up on the boys...

  • Joe Bergman vs Nivaldo Oliviera

    Joe Bergman vs Nivaldo Oliviera

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