February 13, 2009

created by: Mark Bader

Top Videos
  • GSP and Nate Marquardt Wrestling

    GSP and Nate Marquardt worked on their wrestling at the University of Northern Colorado where they w...

  • Ultimate Fitness workout

    Urijah Faber goes through a muay thai workout at his gym, Ultimate Fitness in Sacramento, CA. Other ...

  • Chael Sonnen Boxing Workout

    Chael Sonnen goes through a boxing workout with his boxing trainer Clayton Hires in Chael's home gym...

  • Ryan Bader Strength Training

    Ryan Bader doing some weight training in preparation for his fight against Keith Jardine.

  • Dominick Cruz part 2: Training

    Dominick Cruz goes through a striking workout at Alliance Training Center with his coach Eric Del Fi...

  • The Pit workout

    John Hackleman puts Chuck Liddell and others through a medicine ball conditioning workout with sever...

  • Mark Munoz & Jake Shields

    Mark Munoz and Jake Shields train at Joker's Wild in southern California. They are doing a little of...

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