The best fighters in Ohio, Michigan and the tri-state area clash at Bitter Rivals at the the Toledo Erie Street Market in Toledo, Ohio.

November 30, 2008

Erie Street Market

Toledo , Ohio

created by: Zebulin Miller

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S. Mad 6 years ago

NIce turn around Geno! Way to go, good luck to you.

datdude 8 years ago

who are the heavyweights?

8 years ago

Shortstack is wack

Bob 8 years ago

I thought that Nick Waldmannstetter should of won this fight. He bet his a**. It was just Genos luck that Nick tap out.

Zebulin Miller 8 years ago

Joe Martinez is a gracious host and put on a top notch event. This was an amazing atmosphere for fighting. The people of Toledo love their MMA, can't wait to come back!

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