Throwdown training center located in San Diego is the complete one stop fitness gym complete with 12 separate training rooms. It offers many different classes from beginner jiu jitsu and muay thai to pro level mma.

November 13, 2008

Throwdown Training Gym

San Diego, California

created by: Mark Bader

Top Videos
  • Throwdown Workout

    Four fighters go through an mma training session at Throwdown MMA in San Diego, CA.

  • Throwdown Tour

    Throwdown Elite in San Diego offers one of the nicest training facilities around. The training compl...

  • Dean Lister

    Dean got his start in jiu jitsu when he was young living in Venezuela after watching the Gracies. He...

  • Dean Lister

    Dean feels the most emotions the last 10 minutes leading up to a fight, but does not feel nervous fo...

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