Legends is an mma and fitness gym located in Hollywood which houses some successful fighters

November 12, 2008

Legends Gym

Hollywood, California

created by: Mark Bader

Top Videos
  • Legend Sparring

    Legends mma in Hollywood, CA is a nice gym which has a lot of things that are offered to the people ...

  • Legend's Gym

    Chris Reilly, owner of Legend's MMA, gives us a tour of his training facility in Hollywood, CA.

  • Chris Reilly

    Chris is the owner of Legends and before that he started a gym called Bomb Squad where it offered ev...

  • Chris Brady

    Chris was originally into thai boxing and then got the itch to cross over into mma at Legends. For h...

  • Conor Heun used to hit like a bitch

    Conor started wrestling at a young age. He was always very small for his age, grew up in the mountai...

  • Heun - Fighting is spiritual

    Before the fight Conor feels pretty calm, all the work is put in at the gym and the fight is the tim...

  • Blessing in disguise

    Conor broke his jaw in a fight and was forced to work solely on his hands. During that time he start...

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