Come to purefight every Tuesday and learn a new technique from mma fighters. They will show the technque and break down just what they are doing.

October 9, 2008

created by: Mark Bader

Top Videos
  • Strikes to takedown

    Tyron Woodley shows one way to use strikes as a way to setup takedowns. He then shows how to get the...

  • Guillotine + Wrestling

    Ben Askren uses a wrestling position to help him out when he transitions from a guillotine that slip...

  • Monoplata

    Alan Belcher shows us a monoplata submission hold.

  • Punch body kick head

    Alan Belcher shows a technique where he punches the body to set up a leg kick on the same side.

  • Kimora from standing

    Jimmy "the kid" Hettes shows this variation of the kimora arm lock where you begin from the feet. He...

  • Guillotine from twister side control

    Alan Belcher shows how to set up a guillotine from his twister side control.

  • GnP Guard Pass

    Alan Belcher shows one way to pass the guard using ground and pound.

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