Team Quest out of Temecula, CA is one of two Team Quest gyms. It is the home former dual PRIDE belt holder Dan Henderson

September 6, 2008

Temecula, California

created by: Mark Bader

Top Videos
  • Team Quest Temecula - Tour

    Team Quest gym manager Heath Simms takes us on a tour of hte Team Quest gym in Temecula, CA, home tr...

  • Dan Henderson

    Hendo talks about what he plans on doing after he is done fighting and how he feels in the 10 minute...

  • Growing up Hendo

    Dan Henderson talks about how his father pushed him to have a strong work ethic and was always very ...

  • The mental side

    Hendo feels that the mental side is just as important as the physical side. The reason for his super...

  • Into into mma

    Dan Henderson got into mma after a very successful wrestling career. He went to Brazil by himself fo...

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